Assistant Editor
Frontline: Kids Caught in the Crackdown
Documentary  /  San Francisco  /  2019
I was lead assistant editor for this PBS documentary for leading investigative news show FRONTLINE, in partnership with the Associated Press. 50 shooting days, 10TB of footage, eight weeks to edit, four editors on two coasts, and no server.
Watch the full episode at PBS online.
Role: Assistant Editor
Prodigal Daughter
Documentary FEATURE  /  San Francisco  /  2019
I led Premiere project configuration, migration and transcoding of 10+ years of footage from Final Cut Pro 7 for this indie documentary feature film. 
Role: Assistant Editor
If I Were the President
Documentary  /  San Francisco  /  2018
120 young people across America were asked what they would change if they were the President of the United States. Here’s what they said.
Premiered at YBCA Public Square exhibition, June 2018.
Role: Assistant Editor
Tools: Adobe Premiere Pro
Pick of the Litter
Documentary Series  /  San Francisco  /  2019
I worked on the post production team for this upcoming documentary / unscripted series for Disney+ by ABC Studios Alternative.
Based on the award winning feature film about Guide Dogs for the Blind. 
Role:  Post Production ASsistant
TOOLS: Adobe Premiere Pro, Transcriptive
Tacofornia Love
Documentary Web Series  /  San Francisco  /  2018
Filmmaker Alma Herrera-Pazmiño and taqueria owner Dominic Prado traveled up and down the great state of California in search of the best tacos in each unique region, and the stories behind the counter from the amazing people who craft them.
Coming in 2019!  More at GoFundMe.
Role: Assistant Editor
Tools: Adobe Premiere Pro
Narrative  /  San Francisco  /  2018
After receiving some distressing news, a local weatherman has a run in an at a bar that takes his life on a new path.

WINNER: Best Romantic Comedy
WINNER: Best Supporting Actress — Baily Hopkins
DUMBO FILM FEST SEPT 2019 : Semi-Finalist
Role: Editor
Tools: Adobe Premiere Pro
Midsummer Studio
Commercial  /  San Francisco  /  2018
Spec promo video for California glassblowing studio.
Role: Editor
Tools: Avid Media Composer
New PUBLIC R16 Flat Bar Road Bike
Commercial  /  San Francisco  /  2015
Find out why the New PUBLIC R16 Flat Bar Road Bike is an awesome road bike for the city.
Role: Additional Editor + Producer
Tools: Adobe Premiere Pro
Last Call: Ballad of the Hemlock Tavern
Documentary  /  San Francisco  /  2018
Indie documentary project on the rise and fall of the legendary San Francisco dive bar and rock music venue, the Hemlock Tavern.
Role: Editor
Tools: Adobe Premiere Pro
Healthcare Patient Scenarios
INDUSTRIAL  /  San Francisco  /  2018
Five doctor/patient scenarios dramatize increasingly severe cases of a kidney disorder in these healthcare industry training videos.
Role: Editor
Tools: Final Cut PRO X
Media Spokesperson Training Testimonials
Commercial  /  San Francisco  /  2018
Nonprofit advocacy communications consultants ReThink Media captured these testimonials during their spokesperson training sessions held across the US.
Role: Editor
Tools: Adobe Premiere Pro
Eat Less Meat
Social Media  /  San Francisco  /  2018
60 second social media documentary on the climate change impacts of eating meat.
Role: Editor
Tools: Avid Media Composer
Motion Graphics
Streaming Brand Bumper
Motion Graphics  /  San Francisco  /  2017
Spec assignment for a streaming network bumper, made in After Effects.
​​​​​​​Role: Motion Graphics Designer
Tools: Adobe After Effects
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